RSV offers a range of mechanical services for all makes and models

Some of the Other Services We Offer

Air Conditioning Re-gas

Your vehicles air conditioning requires servicing every 2 years, this entails putting new refrigerant gas, PAG oil and leak detection dye in the air conditioning system.


We cater for clutches on all vehicle makes and models and can offer a same day turn around whenever possible. Call us for a quote today!

Engine Rebuilds

Rebuilding an engine is very specialist work and requires expert knowledge and tooling, at RSV Automotive we have the expertise and equipment to carry out anything form a cylinder head rebuild to a whole engine rebuild.

Timing Chains

Timing chain repairs are getting more and more common on modern vehicles. A failed timing chain can result in severe and costly engine damage; therefore, it is vital to have your timing chain checked and replaced if needed to avoid expensive repairs.


If your cambelt cracks, tears or snaps, it can cause a whole heap of expensive engine damage. If you’re unsure whether it’s time for a replacement, book an appointment and we can recommend the best solution.


One of the most important serviceable items on your vehicle is your brakes, it’s important for your own safety and the integrity of your vehicle that they are serviced soon as required. Pop in to RSV any time for a free brake check.


From general replacement and repair to sports suspension modification kits we can cater for whatever your car needs, no matter the make or model.

Vehicle Sourcing

Struggling to find a car?, why not leave it to us? For a small fee we can relieve the hassle of searching for a new car, we use our contacts and expertise to get you the right car at the best price.

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